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1. “Following Jesus the Clown”

Dalam Jurnal: Theology Today, Vol. 69, No. 4, 2013. ISSN: 0040-5736. Sage & Princeton Theological Seminary. pp. 418-427.

Abstract: Based on the author’s autobiography of hyphenated identities, the article attempts to compare cross-culturally two clown figures: the Javanese Semar and the Christian Jesus. Both figures demonstrate that a clown must live in their total otherness, perform both social critique and solidarity, and take the risk to be a victim and healer. Finally, the church must become a community of clowns in order to be faithful to Jesus the Clown.

Keywords: clown, semar, Jesus, marginal, centrality, Javanese

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Theology Today – 2013

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Theology Today 2013

Lihat Similarity Result: Following Jesus the Clown – Jurnal Theology Today – Uji Similarity

2. “Beyond Universality and Particularity: The Problem of the Human Rights Language in Liberation Theology”

Dalam Jurnal: Religion & Human Rights: An International Journal, Vol. 8, Issue 2, 2013. ISSN: 1871-031X. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. pp. 163-171.

Abstract: This comment demonstrates the changes of attitude among liberation theologians toward human rights language, from avoidance, through critical confrontation, to appropriation. The reluctance appears as a natural consequence of the idea of partiality and preferentiality held by liberationists, which has always been critical of any claim of universality such as human right. The comment also argues that the latest phase of appropriation is made possible after liberationists employ the ecclesial idea of the ‘preferential option for the poor.’ However, the acceptance of human rights language can only be possible if we see the poor as concrete universal and understand the idea of the ‘preferential option for the poor’ as a middle axiom.

Keywords: liberation theology, human rights, universality, particularity, preferential option for the poor, Latin America, middle axiom

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Religion anda Human Rights – 2013

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Religion and Human Rights 2013

Lihat Similarity Result: Beyond Universality and Particularity – Jurnal Religion and Human Rights – Uji Similarity

3. “Towards an Asian Multitextual Theology”

Dalam Jurnal: Exchange, Vol. 43, Issue 2, 2014. ISSN: 0166-2740. Brill. pp. 119-131.

Abstract: The article criticizes some shortcomings of Asian contextual and liberation theologies that methodologically employ ‘hermeneutical circle’. The method focuses on experience as the starting point of doing theology. Despite its powerful insights that enable theologians to engage with concrete human and social problems, the method can easily preserve a theologian’s blind spot that hinders her/him from perspectives other than his or her own. I also criticize such an experience-based method as being too linear which can easily result in a methodological imperialism. In response to the weakness, I propose a multitextual theology, which on the one hand acknowledges the importance of perspectivism in any theology but also, on the other hand, celebrates theological freedom in viewing reality from ‘manywheres’. Since reality provides plurality of texts, a multitextual theology can begin simultaneously from any text, without being trapped into a procedural rigidity as clearly demonstrated in contextual and liberation theologies.

Keywords: multitextual, contextual, Asian theology, hermeneutical circle, experience, perspectivism, manywheres

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Exchange – 2014

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Exchange 2014

Lihat Similarity Result: Towards an Asian Multitextual Theology – Jurnal Exchange – Uji Similarity

4. “Johann Baptist Metz’s Memoria Passionis and the Possibility of Political Forgiveness”

Dalam Jurnal: Journal of Political Theology, Vol. 48, Issue 3, 2017. ISSN: 1462-317X. Taylor & Francis. pp. 233-248.

Abstract: The idea of memoria passionis promoted by Johann Baptist Metz provides a strong basis for correlating the Christian creed of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and our political engagement in atrocious situations. However, Metz’s idea of memory and remembering is not sufficient as we attempt to construct a just and peaceful society based on the Christian notion of forgiveness. This article attempts to make use of Metz’s memoria passionis, while at the same time proposing the necessity of political forgiveness as an intrinsic aspect of such a memorative faith. In such a proposal, forgiving and remembering must be two unavoidable and intertwined dimensions of memoria passionis Jesu Christi.

Keywords: Johann Baptist Metz, memoria passionis, forgiveness, remembering, dangerous memory

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Political Theology – 2017

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Political Theology 2017

Lihat Similarity Result: Johann Baptist Metz’s Memoria Passionis – Jurnal Political Theology – Uji Similarity

5. “In Search of a Christian Public Theology in the Indonesian Context Today”

Dalam Jurnal: Diskursus (Jurnal Filsafat dan Teologi), Vol. 12, No. 1, April 2013. ISSN: 1412-3878. Pusat Penelitian Filsafat dan Teologi, STF Driyarkara. Hal. 103-124.

Abstract: This article deals with the contemporary task of Christian public theology in constructing a contextual model that is able to maintain the dialectic of commonality and particularity. Such a model must pay attention to the search for common ground among many cultural-religious identities, while at the same time it must respect those identities in their own paticularities. The sensitivity to and solidarity with the victims of the New Order’s’ regime must also be fundamental elements of such a model. To do so, this article discusses two competing theories in social philosophy (liberalism and communitarianism), and their parallel theories in theology (revisionism and post-liberalism). The necessity to construct a more balanced third way between those theories is needed, if Indonesian Christians want to be open to their social and political call and faithful to their Christian distinctiveness.

Keywords: Public theology, liberalism, communitarianism, revisionism, post-liberalism, commonality, particularity.

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Diskursus – 2013

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Diskursus 2013

 6. Alasdair Macintyre and Martha Nussbaum on Virtue Ethics”

Dalam Jurnal: Diskursus (Jurnal Filsafat dan Teologi), Vol. 15, No. 1, April 2016. ISSN: 1412-3878. Pusat Penelitian Filsafat dan Teologi, STF Driyarkara. Hal. 1-22.

Abstract: Alasdair MacIntyre and Martha C. Nussbaum are two prominent contemporary moral philosophers who attempt to rehabilitate Aristotle’s conception of virtues. Although both agree that virtue ethics can be considered as a strong alternative to our search for commonalities in a pluralistic society such as Indonesia, each chooses a very different path. While MacIntyre interprets Aristotle from his traditionalist and communi-tarian perspective, Nussbaum construes the philosopher in a non-relative and essentialist point of view using the perspective of capability. Consequently, MacIntyre construes a more particularistic view of virtue ethics, whereas Nussbaum presents a more universalistic view of virtue ethics Applying virtue ethics to the Indonesian context, this article argues that each approach will be insufficient to address the highly pluralistic societies such as Indonesia. Therefore, we need to construct a virtue ethics proper to the Indonesian context that takes both approaches into consideration.

Keywords: Virtue, virtue ethics, community, capability, incommen-surability.

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Diskursus – 2016

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Diskursus 2016


 7. “Akulah Jalan, Kebenaran dan Hidup: Kemungkinan Kehadiran Kristus di dalam Agama-agama Lain”

Dalam Jurnal: Jurnal Amanat Agung, Vol. 10, No. 2, Desember 2014. ISSN: 2086-7611. Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Amanat Agung. Hal. 247-271.

Abstraksi: Artikel ini berusaha mengkonstruksi sebuah tafsir Trinitaris atas teks Yohanes 14:6 yang kerap dipandang sebagai “batu sandungan” bagi relasi Kristiani dengan agama-agama lain. Dengan menyadari ketidakmungkinan untuk meneruskan tipologi lama (eksklusivisme, inklusivisme, dan pluralisme), penulis menghadirkan sebuah cara mendekati teks tersebut dari perspektif bapa-bapa gereja sekaligus mengkonstruksi serpihan teologi agama-agama yang diharapkan dapat menjembatani ketegangan antara komitmen Kristiani dan keterbukaan antar iman. Usaha tersebut hanya dapat berhasil jika kita mempergunakan perspektif Trinitaris untuk memahami teks tersebut.

Kata-kata kunci:  Yohanes 14:6, Trinitas, agama-agama, Kristologi, cosmic Christ, jalan, kebenaran, hidup, perichoresis

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Amanat Agung 2014

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Amanat Agung 2014


8. Pemahaman Diri Kristiani di Tengah Kemajemukan Agama

Dalam Jurnal: Penuntun (Jurnal Teologi dan Gereja), Vol. 16, No. 27, 2015. ISSN: 0853-2672. KPT GKI Sinode Wilayah Jawa Barat. Hal. 109-115.

Abstraksi: Artikel ini membahas karakter utama dari dokumen Christian Self-Understanding dari Dewan Gereja-gereja Dunia (WCC) yang berbicara mengenai bagaimana orang-orang Kristen memahami dirinya sendiri dan apa yang mereka percayai setelah berjumpa dengan mereka yang berbeda iman. Penulis berargumentasi bahwa perjumpaan antariman mendorong orang-orang Kristen untuk menafsir ulang pemahaman iman mereka berdasarkan perjumpaan mereka dengan orang-orang berbeda iman. Kemudian artikel diakhiri dengan beberapa refleksi kritis bagi proses sejenis yang seharusnya terjadi pada level lokal di Indonesia.

Kata-kata kunci: Pemahaman-diri, antaragama, WCC, PGI, kemajemukan agama, oikoumenisme

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Jurnal Penuntun – 2015

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Jurnal Penuntun 2015


9. Buku: Berdamai Dengan Salib : Membedah Ioanes Rakhmat dan Menyapa Umat

Buku: ISBN: 978-602-97012-0-3. Grafika Kreasindo dan UPI STT Jakarta.

Abstraksi: Buku ini merupakan respons atas pandangan Ioanes Rakhmat yang berargumen bahwa soteriologi salib dalam teologi Kristen pada dasarnya mendukung kekerasan dan karena itu harus sepenuhnya ditolak. Ioanes Rakhmat juga mengusulkan sebuah pemahaman mengenai kebangkitan Kristus yang tidak terjadi secara fisik. Argumen dasar yang diajukan di dalam buku ini adalah bahwa kekristenan memiliki khazanah teologis yang sangat kaya mengenai pendamaian atau soteriologi salib dan karena itu penolakan Ioanes Rakhmat hanya berlaku untuk sebagian kecil pandangan soteriologis dalam kekristenan. Akhirnya, buku ini menawarkan kepada umat Kristen sebagai pembaca utamanya bagaimana memahami salib dan pendamaian dalam semangat non-kekerasan.

Kata-kata Kunci: salib, soteriologi, pendamaian, kekerasan, kebangkitan

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Buku Berdamai Dengan Salib – 2010

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Buku Berdamai Dengan Salib


 10. Buku: An Imaginative Glimpse: The Trinity and Multiple Religious Participants

Buku: ISBN: 978-1-62032-6992. Pickwick Publication.

Abstract: In contrast to the popular notion that the doctrine of the Trinity hinders Christians from engaging with the reality of religious diversity, this book argues that the doctrine is the best way of constructing contemporary theology of religions. An Imaginative Glimpse reexamines three prominent Trinitarian theologians of religions (Raimundo Panikkar, Gavin D’Costa, and S. Mark Heim) and proposes a fresh and creative model by bringing the classical idea of perichoresis to its present-day multifaith situation. Opening a new alternative in both Trinitarian theology and theology of religions, the approach of this book adds a distinctive contribution to the ongoing and challenging discussion in both fields. By using perichoresis imaginatively as a multidimensional category for multiple religious participations within the Trinity, the author of the book argues that the model is able to respect all religions on their own terms, while at the same time being faithful to the Christian standpoint.

Keywords: theology of religions, Trinity, multiple participations, perichoresis, Raimundo Panikkar, Gavin D’Costa, S. Mark Heim

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Buku An Imaginative Glimple
Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Buku An Imaginative Glimpse


 11. “Dialog Antariman: Menyahabati Orang Asing dan Estetika Ketidaktahuan”

Dalam Buku: Perjalanan Semua Mendayung. ISBN: 978-602-1336-01-4. UPI STT Jakarta, tahun 2014. Hal. 135-143.

Abstraksi: Tulisan ini mengusulkan sebuah cara pandang baru terhadap dialog antariman dari perspektif hospitalitas atau keramahtamahan. Hospitalitas sebagai tindakan etis menyahabati orang asing dipahami sebagai tindakan awal yang mendahului dialog antariman. Lebih dari itu, keputusan menyahabati orang asing mengandaikan adanya kesadaran hadirnya orang asing di dalam diri kita masing-masing. Kesadaran ini memberi ruang kerendahhatian bagi setiap orang yang terlibat di dalam dialog antariman untuk tidak menguasai sang liyan. Seluruh pemahaman tersebut lebih jauh dilandasi oleh sebuah prinsip imajinatif yang disebut sebagai estetika ketidaktahuan (the esthetics of unknowing) yang meletakkan seluruh dialog antariman ke dalam basis Trinitarian. Seluruh gagasan ini lantas dibingkai di dalam percakapan metafisik mengenai kebenaran, kebaikan, dan keindahan.

Kata-kata Kunci: dialog antariman, hospitalitas, orang asing, estetika ketidaktahuan, kebenaran-kebaikan-keindahan

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Buku Perjalanan Semua Mendayung – 2014

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Bab Buku Perjalanan Semua Mendayung


12. “Teologi Konstruktif dan Wajah Sosial Agama”

Dalam Buku: Sosiologi Agama: Pilihan Berteologi di Indonesia. ISBN: 978-602-9182-38-5. Fak. Teologi Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, tahun 2016. Hal. 249-269.

Abstraksi: Tulisan ini memaparkan perkembangan metodologis dari studi ajaran kristen, mulai dari dogmatika melalui teologi sistematika ke teologi konstruktif. Di masing-masing tahap terlihat bagaimana dimensi sosial tidak pernah raib sekalipun barulah pada tahap yang ketiga, yaitu teologi konstruktif, wajah sosial sungguh-sungguh diperhitungkan sebagai bagian integral. Kenyataan ini ditopang oleh munculnya teologi kontekstual yang memusatkan perhatian pada wajah sosial dan sosiologis dari agama yang ikut berperan besar dalam pengembangan teologi konstruktif. Namun demikian diajukan pula kritik mendasar atas metodologi teologi kontekstual yang kerap tidak disadari oleh banyak teolog. Akhirnya, sebuah telaah teologis-sosial atas tema Pendamaian (atonement) menjadi sebuah contoh kasus bagaimana teologi konstruktif berusaha mendialogkan tradisi Kristiani dengan konteks sosial kontemporer.

Kata-kata Kunci: dogmatika, sistematika, konstruktif, kontekstual, pendamaian

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Bab Buku Sosiologi Agama – 2016

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Bab Buku Sosiologi Agama


 13. “Tatapan Teologi-Trinitaris atas Makna Pribadi dalam Relasi dan Komunitas”

Prosiding: Berteologi dalam Konteks: Meretas Jalan Menuju Perdamaian, Keadilan, dan Keutuhan Ciptaan. ISBN: 978-979-8558-11-5. Persekutuan Gereja-gereja di Indonesia, tahun 2012. Hal. 51-60.

Abstraksi: Artikel ini menawarkan sebuah perspektif Trinitaris dalam memahami makna “pribadi” (person) dalam teologi Kristen. Telaah Trinitaris atas pribadi memaknai ulang konsep gambar Allah yang berpusat pada Kristus sebagai gambar Allah, yang di dalam-Nya manusia diciptakan. Dalam perspektif tersebutlah ditemukan prinsip-prinsip eklesial berupa partisipasi dan koinonia, sebagai tercermin di dalam banyak dokumen oikoumenis. Tulisan diakhiri dengan beberapa implikasi eklesial, etis, dan sosial dari konsep pribadi yang Trinitaris dan partisipatif tersebut.

Kata-kata Kunci: pribadi, trinitas, gambar Allah, partisipasi, relasi

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding Berteologi Dalam Konteks – Meretas Jalan Menuju Perdamaian, Keadilan, dan Keutuhan Ciptaan 2012

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Prosiding Berteologi dalam Konteks: Meretas Jalan Menuju Perdamaian 2012


 14. “Kekristenan Indonesia: Masa Kini dan Masa Depan”

Prosiding: Firman Allah untuk Semua. ISBN: 978-979-463-158-4. Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia, tahun 2012. Hal. 15-24.

Abstraksi: Tulisan ini menelaah kemungkinan untuk menemukan model kehadiran Kristen (Christian presence) untuk masa depan bangsa Indonesia. Dengan mempergunakan model yang diusulkan oleh James Davison Hunter, penulis memaparkan tiga model yang gagal memberi dasar bagi kehadiran Kristen, yaitu relevance-to, purity-from, dan defence-against. Dengan tetap mengikuti pendapat Hunter, diusulkan model keempat yang disebut faithful-presence, yang lebih cocok bagi kehadiran Kristen masa depan. Model ini dilihat mampu menjawab dua masalah dari kekristenan Indonesia, sebagaimana dinyatakan oleh Eka Darmaputera, yaitu “irelevansi eksternal” dan “insignifikansi internal.“ Atas dasar itu ditawarkan beberapa pemikiran praktis bagi penemuan model kehadiran Kristen di masa depan.

Kata-kata Kunci: kehadiran Kristen, masa depan, relevance-to, purity-from, defence-against, faithful-presence, irelevansi eksternal, insignifikansi internal

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding Firman Allah Untuk Semua – 2012

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Prosiding Firman Allah Untuk Semua 2012

15. “Trancending Pluralism, Celebrating Friendship”

Prosiding: ASEAN Religious Pluralism: The Challenge of Building a Socio-Cultural Community. ISBN: 978-616-90475-4-4. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Bangkok, tahun 2014. Hal. 30-44.

Abstract: The usage of classical typology of exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism has failed to pay respect to the real diversity of religious traditions as well as religious attitudes toward such diversity. The so-called pluralism within the typology has also been unsuccessful to maintain the otherness of each religious tradition. The paper suggest a kind of perspectivism, using the thought of Raimundo Panikkar, which transcends pluralism by keeping the dialectics between one’s commitment to one’s tradition and one’s openness to other religions. Moreoever, the dialectics is also best demonstrated through the ideas and practices of interreligious friendship and hospitality.

Keywords: typology, pluralism, interreligious, friendship, hospitality

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding ASEAN Religious Pluralism – 2014 – New

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Prosiding ASEAN Religious Pluralism 2014

Lihat Similarity Result: Transcending Pluralism, Celebrating Friendship – Uji Similarity

16. “Teologi Feminis: Suatu Perspektif Laki-laki”

Prosiding: Mengevaluasi Arah dan Karakter Teologi Feminis Kristen di Indonesia. ISBN: 978-979-3130-14-9. Perhimpunan Sekolah-sekolah Teologi di Indonesia (PERSETIA), tahun 2015. Hal. 19-36.

Abstraksi: Teologi Feminis sebagai sebuah kajian akademis perlu menjadi perspektif yang mewarnai pendidikan teologis secara keseluruhan dan bukan hanya tersegmentasi pada beberapa matakuliah saja, sebagaimana yang sering kali muncul di banyak lembaga pendidikan teologi di Indonesia. Selain itu, perkembangan teologi feminis sedikit-banyak ditentukan pula oleh sumbangan teologis dari laki-laki, sehingga percakapan ini tidak didominasi hanya oleh perempuan teolog belaka. Pentingnya sumbangan laki-laki bagi perkembangan teologi feminis dilandasi kesadaran pada titik-buta atau perspektivisme sebagai keniscayaan semua ilmu. Atas dasar itu, diusulkan beberapa model metodologis yang muncul dari perspektif laki-laki, yaitu pentingnya kartografi teologi berdimensi kebenaran, bricolage etis, serta transversalitas estetik.

Kata-kata Kunci: feminisme, titik-buta, perspektivisme, kartografi, bricolage, transversalitas

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding Mengevaluasi Arah dan Karakter Teologi Feminis Kristen di Indonesia – 2015

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Prosiding Mengevaluasi Arah dan Karakter Teologi Feminis 2015


 17. “From the World House to an Oikopoetic Interreligious Imagination”

Prosiding: Living Together in the Household of God – Asian Reflection. ISBN: 978-962-7439-61-5. Christian Conference of Asia, tahun 2015. Hal. 111-119.

Abstract: In face of interreligious enmity, the ideal virtue of interreligious friendship needs further reflection as to how Christians engage with the religious others. This article addresses such a need with a reflection on the story of Stephen in Acts 6-7 using several paronyms of oikos such as paroikos, metoikos, and katoikos. The story is then reread using the interreligious oikopetics proposed by Nirmal Selvamony, which suggests that there are three ways of seeing the oikos: integrative, hierahic, and anarchic. The conclusion is that the global vision of God’s inclusive oikos should be non-hierarchical and integrative in order for the church as a community of sojourners or pilgrims to reject the anarchic sense of oikos.

Keywords: story of Stephen, Acts 6-7, oikos, interreligious oikopetics, pilgrim

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding CCA – 2015 – New

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Prosiding From the World House to an Oikopoetic Interreligious Imagination

 Lihat Similarity Result: From the World House to an Oikopoetic Interreligious Imagination – Uji Similarity

18. “The Trinitarian and the Public Space”

Prosiding: Interactive Pluralism in Asia. ISBN: 978-3-374-04537-2. The Lutheran World Federation, tahun 2016. Hal. 33-42.

Abstract: The emergence of Trinitarian theologies of religions has successfully provided an alternative to the classical typology of exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. However, most theologies of religions that employ the Trinitarian perspective seem to fail to relate the “abstract” theological concept of the Triune God to the “concrete” interfaith conversation in the public sphere. The author suggests that the idea of Trinitarian perichoresis is the best way of dealing with the metaphysical problem of the one and the many as well as the social problem of interfaith relationship in public space. The divine space in the Trinitarian communion becomes the model for Christians to engage with public space insofar as both are connected using the theological idea of participation. Such an idea of participation (methexis) enables us to think of diverse religious traditions as multiple participations into Trinitarian communion. The article is concluded with an imaginative proposal of implementing “multiple religious participations” into the public spheres.

Keywords: trinity, theology of religions, participations, public space, interfaith

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding Interactive Pluralism in Asia – 2016 – New

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Peer Review Prosiding Interactive Pluralism in Asia 2016

Lihat Similarity Result: The Trinitarian Space and Public Space – Uji Similarity

19. “Pastor as a Friend: Reinterpreting Christian Leadership”

Dalam Jurnal: Dialog: A Journal of Theology, Vol. 57, No. 1, March 2018. ISSN: 0012-2033. Penerbit: Wiley. pp. 47-52.

Abstraksi: Christian leadership has long enjoyed the idea of servant-leadership or doularchy that has been seen as standing against any form of kyriarchy. This article is an attempt to solve the problems left by doularchy and construct a model of philiarchic leadership based on the identity of pastors as friends. Several texts in the Gospel of John will be reinterpreted using the philiarchic lens. The article concludes with three applied ideas that today’s Christian leaders should take into consideration

Kata-kata Kunci: doularchy, friendship, kyriarchy, leadership, philiarchy, the Gospel of John

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Joas Adiprasetya – Jurnal Dialog Maret 2018

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Joas Adiprasetya – Peer Review Jurnal Dialog

Lihat Similarity Result: Pastor as Friend – Jurnal Theology Update – Uji Similarity

20. “Reading the Books of Life: A Prophetic-Protreptic-Proleptic Model of Social Engagement

Prosiding: Mending the World? Possibilities and Obstacles for Religion, Church, and Theology
Penerbit: Church of Sweden Research Series Vol. 14. ISBN: 978-1-5326-1064-6, Pickwick Publications, pp. 425-435.

Abstraksi: This chapter is an  attempt  to propose a new model of ecclesial presence that combines the prophetic, protreptic, and proleptic dimensions of Christian social engagement. Using the example of a Christian NGO named Taman Bacaan Masyarakat (TBM) or Community Reading Garden, I argue that their social work among religiously harsh areas in West Java, Indonesia, is best seen as the actual presence of the Church beyond its institutional structure. Such an idea of Christian and ecclesial presence in a non-institutional mode needs to be understood theologically. To do so, I propose an imaginative construction of Christian presence by employing several theories, such as James D. Hunter’s faithful presence model and Leonard Sweet’s DNA model of the church. The final reflection will draw on inspiration from Hans Urs von Balthasar’s theodramatic idea.

Kata-kata Kunci: prophetic, protreptic, proleptic, imaginative construction, ecclesial, christian

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Prosiding Mending the World – 2017 – New

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Joas Adiprasetya – Peer Review Prosiding Mending The World

Lihat Similarity Result: Reading the Books of Life – Uji Similarity

21. The Good yet Missing Innkeeper and the Possibility of Open Ecclesiology

Dalam Jurnal: Ecclesiology, Vol. 14, No. 2, 2018. ISSN: 1744-1366. Brill. pp. 185-202.

Abstraksi: This article discusses the significant roles of the innkeeper and the inn (pandocheion) in the parable of the Good Samaritan and how contemporary Christians can use the story to construct an open ecclesiology in the midst of global fear of others. The idea of open ecclesiology requires a rethinking of the classical marks of the church as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic in the light of the new marks: diverse, vulnerable, concrete, and friendly. By tracing the root of pondok in Indonesian language back to the Arabic word funduq and the Greek word pandocheion in the Gospel of Luke, the author demonstrates rich intercultural and interreligious negotiations that encourage Indonesian Christians to reclaim their heritage from their Muslim counterparts. The article concludes with the story of GKI Yasmin as a diaclesial and open church that passes-through or crosses-over boundaries amidst violence.

Kata-kata Kunci: pluralism, good samaritan, otherness, Indonesia, Islam, ecclesiology, hospitality, pandocheion

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Joas Adiprasetya -The Good yet Missing Inkeeper

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Joas Adiprasetya – Peer Review Jurnal Ecclesiology

Lihat Similarity Result: The Good yet Missing Innkeeper – Jurnal Ecclesiology – Uji Similarity

22. God in the Crucified PeopleTheologia Crucis in Martin Luther and Kosuke Koyama

Dalam Jurnal: Journal of Reformed Theology, Vol. 12, 2018. ISSN: 1872-5163. Brill. pp. 284-295.

Abstraksi: This article examines Martin Luther’s theology of the cross (theologia crucis) and its implications for the Asian struggle for humanity. It is argued that, although Luther’s influence on many Asian theologians is significant, his inconsistent position with regard to sociopolitical issues requires Asian theologians to reinterpret their own theologies of the cross beyond Luther’s initial position. Moreover, the article explores Kosuke Koyama’s appropriation of Luther’s theologia crucis in the Asian context by imaginatively constructing his own theology of the cross that critically addresses Asian sociopolitical realities.

Kata-kata Kunci: Martin Luther, Kosuke Koyama, theology of the cross, theologia crucis, Asia

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Joas Adiprasetya – God in the Crucified People – 2018

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Joas Adiprasetya – Peer Review – God in the Crucified People – 2018

Lihat Similarity Result: God in the Crucified People – Journal of Reformed Theology – Uji Similarity

23. The Liturgy of the in-between

Dalam Jurnal: Scottish Journal of Theology, Vol. 72, No. 1, 2019. ISSN: 0036-9306. Cambridge University Press. pp. 82-97.

Abstraksi: By using the idea of theology as symbolic engagement, I propose the ‘in-between’ as a liturgical category that engages with multiple tensions in Christian theology. The concept of the in-between becomes the primary lens through which to analyse not only the relationship between ecclesial and social liturgies, but also the interstices between the two. I then apply the concept to construct theological imagination in the ministries of ushering, intercessory prayer and the sending. The article concludes with a story of the worship of the GKI Yasmin church in front of the presidential palace in Indonesia, which demonstrates the prophetic dimension of the in-between.

Kata-kata Kunci: in-between, intercession, metaxy, sending, ushering, GKI Yasmin

Lihat Artikel: Scottish Jurnal of Theology-Joas Adiprasetya

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Joas Adiprasetya – Lembar Peer Review Scottish Journal of Theology 2019

Lihat Similarity Result: Joas Adiprasetya – Uji Similarity – Scottish Journal of Theology 2019

24. A Compassionate Space-making Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Friendship

Dalam Jurnal: The Ecumenical Review, Vol. 71, No. 1-2, 2019. ISSN: 0013-0796. Wiley. pp. 21-31.

Abstraksi: Using the lens of trinitarian theology of friendship, this article discusses the idea of compassionate space-making. By showing the primacy of friendly love (philia) over agapeic love, it argues that the idea of trinitarian friendship can offer a creative and imaginative way for constructing a theology of friendship in the communal and broader social contexts. The article then presents five marks of theology of friendship that enable Christians to participate in this trinitarian friendship by making space for and befriending others: vulnerability, unpredictability, reimagination, propheticity, and compassion. The article concludes with a practical spiritual exercise which exemplifies this trinitarian tbeology of friendship.

Kata-kata Kunci: Trinity, friendship, compassion, space-making, vulnerability, unpredictability reimagination, propheticity.

Lihat Artikel: The Ecumenical Review-Joas Adiprasetya resize

Lihat Penilaian Reviewer: Joas Adiprasetya – Lembar Peer Review Ecumenical Review 2019

Lihat Similarity Result:Joas Adiprasetya – Uji Similarity – Ecumenical Review 2019

25. “Teologi Bagi dan dalam Konteks GKI, Semua Orang Kristen adalah Teolog”

Dalam Buku: 150 Tahun Pekabaran Injil Patekoan: Dari Gereja Tionghoa ke Gereja Kristen Indonesia. ISBN: 978-602-231-490-5. BPK Gunung Mulia, tahun 2018. Hal. 157-166.

Abstraksi: Salah satu pemahaman popular yang paling kerap saya jumpai di kalangan umat adalah pemahaman bahwa teologi adalah urusan para teolog akademis di sekolah teologi atau para pendeta yang penuh-waktu bekerja di lingkup gereja. Teologi bukan urusan warga jemaat. Akan tetapi pemahaman tersebut tidak dapat penulis setujui, karena teologi bukanlah sekadar sebuah disiplin ilmiah yang harus akademis. Tentu saja, teologi akademis perlu dan penting. Namun, teologi yang penulis maksudkan dalam tulisan ini bukan pertama-tama dalam pengertian itu. Dalam tulisan ini dibahas beberapa pandangan tentang teologi, bagaimana gereja dapat berteologi dan berdampak bagi perkembangan gereja, khususnya di dalam konteks GKI.

Kata-kata Kunci: Teologi, Berteologi, GKI, Konfesi GKI, GKI Samanhudi

Lihat Artikel Lengkap: Bab Buku 150 Tahun Pekabaran Injil Patekoan-Joas Adiprasetya

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